hand is tracing around stroke, rather than following stroke

  • I have created a serious of strokes for the hand to follow to reveal a ratser image.  These strokes are made 0% visible and placed behind the ratser image before making an svg.  I have made other files using this method and they work fine-the hand traces the invisible strokes to reveal the ratser image.  But with this file the hand is tracing around the outline of each stroke, rather than the path of the stroke itself.  I tried placing this file in a new scribe and had the same problem.  If I check "Only draw strokes", the hand does not appear at all to draw,  I have remade the strokes and files several times, all with the same results.  Thank you for the help.

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  • any stroke that you want videoscribe to draw correctly needs to be a basic stroked path drawn with the pen or pencil tool with with a size greater than zero

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


  • Thank you Mike.  A basic stroked path is what I have created, and that is why I have the question -the hand is tracing around the outside of the stroked path, not following the path itself.  Were you able to download the attached file and make it work correctly?

  •  Hi,
    I looked at the svg, and what you made does not qualify as a basic stroked path drawn with the pen or pencil tool.

    possibly you used the paintbrush or some other method that will not work correctly. Can you describe how you made the SVG in more detail, including what program you used?

    -Mike (videoscribe user)

  • Hi Mike, I'm using Affinity Designer.  I used the pencil tool-no brush, just a plain stroke.  What's puzzling me is that this book file works fine, the ice cream does not.  Both files are made and exported exactly the same, so why does the hand outline the stroked paths in ice cream but not in books?  Thanks.

    (45.6 KB)
  • unfortunately I do not know anything about Affinity Designer.

    But the books have stroked paths (good)  and the ice cream has filled paths (bad)

    I moved the reveal paths to the top and changed the opacity to make this more clear

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


  • Interesting. I need to go chat with the Affinity Designer folks.    See the first attached screen shot-when I'm making my strokes the settings show the red stroked path (I've moved the stroked paths on top of the raster image just for this screen shot).  But in the svg, ()which was made with the stroked paths moved below the raster image, opacity set for 0% , the paths show up as a red fill with a black stroke (second screen shot).  So something is happening in the export.  I'll let you know what they say.  Thanks.

  • (note: the reveal strokes can be on top or bottom or in the middle.  the svg will still draw the same, as long as they are stroked paths)


  • Hello Troy, 

    I've exactly the same problem... It's ok with illustrator but not with affinity designer. 

    Did you find a solution?

    Thanks !

  • Hi Adeline, for me it was a "user error" :) in the Stroke panel I had  turned off the stroke.  With Affinity Designer, depending on how you turn the stroke off, sometimes the panel still shows the color of the stroke even if the stroke is off, so it can be a bit confusing.  I pretty much use the pencil tool or create shapes.  I "Export" as SVG.  Good luck....t

  • Hi,

    Thank you for you answer ! For me, it was correct, the path was "stroked", and I exported as SVG, but the hand was still tracing the begining of others paths around the main path... I tried differents option of export as SVG and now, it's ok ! Yes ! 

    For those how are coming here with a problem with Affinity Designer, here is a little process that works for me :

    - Make the path with pen or pencil (not brush ! )

    - Be sure that's a stroked path (not a filled path)

    - Be sure that there is no special effect

    - Export as SVG with the following parameters (see the screenshot in attachment, in french, sorry)

    Have a good day. 

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