Images no longer drawn

  • Can you explain why my images are no longer being drawn and just appear on the screen? Also the bank of recently used images has disappeared. What happened?

  • You should probably save your project to the cloud folder and tell customer support the name of it so they can give you specific feedback.

    Or you can save it as a .scribe file and attach it here if you want help from customers.

    There are normal user commands that can cause both of those symptoms, but maybe there is something wrong with your scribe project.

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


  • Hi

    I have saved the project in my folder: The specific presentation is called: IPE presentation. I also attach it here as a scribe file. All images worked fine but all of a sudden I no longer have images in my 'recently used' album and any images I now try and insert do not get drawn.


  • Hi
    1) The last image in the scribe is not being drawn because it is a gif and videoscribe does not draw gifs. Videoscribe assumes that any gif you use is an animated gif so it just tries to play it.  if the images that don't draw are all gifs, that is to be expected.

    2) try adding a videoscribe library image and see if it is drawn

    3) if you right-click any image in your recent images menu and then select "clear history" then recently used images will all be deleted from the import menu

    4) if you did not clear the history and the images seem to be missing anyway, you could try closing and reopening videoscribe, making a new blank scribe and checking to see if the recent images reappear

    5) your images sizes and zoom settings look okay, although some of the higher percentages are over 1400% which is a bit high, but I don't think that is causing a problem.

    6) if you have increased your default image quality setting to more than say... 2000 then that might be causing excessive memory usage which can result in any number of unexpected problems. I'd recommend a setting in the 600- 1000 range.

    7) customer support may have some suggestions

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


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