Is it possible to save a Scribe folder?

  • Suppose I have several scribes in a folder called "September."  Rather than saving each scribe within September, is it possible to save an entire folder so that I can later restore that folder and work on September from a different computer?


  • Hi Larry,

    In order to work on scribes on different computers you need to save the scribes to your online directory (cloud icon). It's not possible to save whole folders to your online directory or have folders in your online directory. 

    Each scribe needs to be saved one by one to the cloud.

  • Thank you Matthew for the speedy comment.  

    FWIW, one thing is a bit frustrating and this is why I asked about saving an entire folder.  When on Computer A, my history of images used in three or four scribes might be 100 items.  When I go to work on Computer B, there is no history of images used in the past.  This makes relocating previously used images time consuming because I often use images from the past.  If there was a way to save my history of images used on Computer A so the history could be imported on Computer B, that would be so helpful.  The exported history could be stored in the cloud or on a network.  Overall, I really like the program!

  • That's a bit of a different question I think. It sounds like you want to transfer your "recently used" images.  Being able to copy all the scribes in one folder from one machine to another will not accomplish that.

    (note: just to make sure we are all using the term the same way, the term "scribe" generally a complete project including images, text and sound files, or the video the results from publishing/rendering that project)

    1) if you are providing your own images, just keep them in a folder on your hard drive. Any foldersof images that you want to transfer to the new computer, just zip them up in a zip file and email them or put them on a USB drive and move them over. 
    BONUS: I'm not sure but i think you can actually import a ZIP file into videoscribe and the images will populate the recently used folder.

    2) if you are using library images... well, as Matthew said, your best option is probably to save the scribes to the cloud... and then copy and paste whatever images you wish to pull from them

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


  • Thank you Mike! 

  • You can open a ZIP file that contains images by clicking on the folder icon from the 'Add image' window but an image will not be added to your recently used images until it has been added to the canvas.

  • Whoops!
    Matthew is absolutely correct. the zip file will not actually populate the "recently used images" view on the ADD IMAGE menu

    When you open a ZIP file in videoscribe, videoscribe displays the images inside the zip in a way that looks just like the recently used images view on the ADD IMAGE menu. Then you have to select the image you wish to import. If you want to import another image from the zip you have to open the zip again to view the images.

    Sorry about the confusion.

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


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