video on

  •  i have posted my video on with private option.

    I 've put the code embed on my website and it's working very well!

    I can visualize it on my website on my computer.

    but i can not visualize it on the website with my mobile phone! it's written video is unvailable!

    can you help me please!?

    It's important it's for my business!

  • support may have more options for you, but if is not meeting all of your needs, I'd suggest that you download the video from and upload it to youtube.

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


  • If you have posted your video as 'Private' then only you will be able to view the video, when logged into

    If you would like the video to appear on your website you will need to publish it as 'Public'.

    You can change the privacy setting for a video on, by logging in and clicking on the dropdown box below the video.

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