•  I use the graphics that come with Video Scribe but at times I have to use vector images outside of video scribe's library.

    I think most of the vector images that come with video scribe library can use the outline feature which I love using.

    My problem is the outline feature does not work with  vector images I get outside of video scribe (i.e. shutterstock)

    Is there a way to make the outline feature work for vector images I get outside of video scribe library?


    Besides video scribe images, where else does others get their images from (paid or free)? I love shutterstock variety of images, but not always easy to work with.


  • The steps required to make a third party vector image work the same as a library image depend on the specific vector image you are trying to fix.

    There's a link for SVG studio at the bottom of this page

    using search terms in the library search bar may bring up some unlisted images being sold by users

    there may be users using animole (link at bottom of this page) who make custom images

    -Mike (videoscribe user)

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