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  • I made a video It's perfectly work on videoscribe as i want exactly syncronized with the voice. Problem: When I export it to the youtube voice over work but my some text are invisible When i check in video subscribe it works as It is but on export in anywhere it vanish my some text.... I don't get the problem
  • probably the bug mentioned in this thread:

     The workaround for this is to amend the draw time to 0.1sec with no hand and then the words still pop in quickly but don't encounter the problem on render.

    -Mike (videoscribe user)

  • It could also be that you have 0 second Move-in elements. When you have an element set to Move-in that has a zero second animate time it can appear in the wrong place or not appear at all on the rendered video.

    A version of VideoScribe has just been released where this issue has been fixed.

    Please install the latest version of VideoScribe (2.3.6) using the following links.

    Download and install VideoScribe – Mac

    Download and install VideoScribe – PC

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