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    Today we have decided to put a reminder into VideoScribe to inform customers using older versions that we have a new version of VideoScribe available (v2.3.6).

    The last time we did this was back in v2.2.4 which was released in July 2015 and lots of cool things have been added in that time. Some of my favourites are listed below but if you want to see all the changes you can look at what was added in each release via http://blog.videoscribe.co/

    In v2.3.0 Sho.co was added, this is our sharing website for videos made with Sparkol apps. It publishes your finished videos much faster than rendering them in-app, and gives you a unique URL and an embed link you can use instantly. You’ll also be able to download your video as an MP4.

    In v2.3.0 a new rendering option was also added. Only 1% of all VideoScribe videos used the FLV format. So in our quest to make VideoScribe more useful than ever we replaced FLV rendering with the option to save your scribe as an AVI file (audio video interleaved).

    In v2.3.1 hints and tips were added for first time users which could be turned off once you had got to grips with the software

    In v2.3.3 more characters were added to basic fonts for letters with diacritics – accents, dots and curves used in many languages.

    In v2.3.3 a whole host of new images were added to the free base library

    In v2.3.4 The canvas zoom level is now always shown in the bottom left corner. Also you can now manually enter the zoom level you want to use. Just type in the numbers.

    In v2.3.5 A number of extra characters are supported with imported fonts within VideoScribe. Please see this Instant Answer for the updated list .

    In v2.3.6 Add a Logo watermark to your video – You can now personally brand your videos with a logo. This allows you to add a watermark to your scribe files when you’re ready to render them.

    Hope you like the new features and as always if you would like to see anything else added you can add your ideas to the VideoScribe Ideas and Feature Request Forum



    Sparkol Support Team

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