Seriuos lagging

  • Hi

    I am sitting right now finishing an important task and are experiencing this very irritating issue.

    Everytime I use one of my own SVG files - no matter if it is old or new - it lags a lot. If I use the build in images there is no lag.

    I have tried everything - even tried it on another PC as well. Same problem...

    I use Adobe Illustrator CC and have made a lot SVGs before with no issues at all - but suddenly. 

    Look at the attached files...this shows the lag and these two did work before.

    I´m running windows 10, latest version of Videoscirbe (2.3.6) have latest Nvidia drivers, 64 GB RAM, have tried dissabling Antivirus, online services etc. on both machines. 

    I use basic and Uniform lines and use the settings recommended when saving as SVG (1.0, embedd etc) 

    Are thre any known issues with Videoscribe right now? Adobe CC 2015 compaitibility issues??? 

    Please help - I´m stucked here...

    (1.65 MB)
    (2.95 MB)
  • Please attach the SVG(s) if you want help determining what is wrong with the SVG(s)

    (Your MOVs give me the error "video can't be played because file is corrupt")

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


  • I did solve the issue for now. I was drawing a line with the pen tool. If I saved it and played it back in Videoscirbe it did lag in the middle. So I figured if I did make a lot of ponints along the line it would animate properly - and volia  it maybe I am missing something here? If I make a line with the pen tool in Illustrator (BAsic-uniform) and save it as SVG it will not be animated unless I make more points along the line????

  • ok I think I understand.

    yes, videoscribe seems to determine the speed of a line based on the number of points (and maybe also how long the handles are on the points).

    So for example if your drawing contains 1 line with 10 points and long handles, and a second line the same length with only 2 points and no handles... and you have a draw time of about 5 seconds... then the hand will spend most of its time drawing the first line.

    If you draw lines that only have 2 end points with no handles, videoscribe assumes you want the hand to pause at the first point, then jump to the second point and pause there.

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


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