Group animation

  • Can we animate or draw 2 or more picture or text at a time?

  • if you just want two images to be drawn, one after the other, without moving the camera in between, yes, you can do that by assigning them both the same camera position.

    If you mean 2 hands drawing 2 images simultaneously, no, that is not a feature of videoscribe.

    Theoretically it might be possible to make an animated gif of one drawing being drawn (with no hand) and then combine it with another gif drawing or another drawing being drawn (with no hand) by videoscribe, but if the trick were used with more than just a small drawing, it might cause memory-related problems.

    If you are determined to present two drawings simultaneously, you should probably make two separate scribes and combine them using video editing software such as premiere or aftereffects.

    related link:

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


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