Draw timing is inconsistent (free hand and brezier toll)

  • Hi there,

    ive been drawing svgs with inkscape and ive noticed that: 

    if i only use the free hand drawing tool, the draw timing is ok

    if i only use the brezier tool, the timing is ok


    if i draw with free hand and brezier in the same svg the draw timing is totally off

    the free hand goes well but the brezier stuff will draw way too fast making the animation look terrible

    is there any way to fix this problem????


  • It may be down to the number of nodes on the bezier stroke. When you create a freehand stroke, usually there are many nodes, when creating a bezier nodes are only created when you click. Try adding more nodes to the bezier stroke to see if the hand slows down.

  • thank you sir, you are correct.

    i just have another related question is there any way to change the animate speed for a given image?

    1) what i mean is we can already change the speed for the total image drawing but is there a way to slow down or speed up the drawing at certain points within the one image animation process???? (using the videoscribe software not the image drawing software)

    or alternatively 

    2) is it possible to change the svg layers draw time manually somehow??? (without having to add so many extra nodes etc)

  • Line drawing speed in videoscribe is determined by the number of nodes and the length of the node handles of stroked paths. (note: if there are no stroked paths, videoscribe may trace the filled paths in some cases.)
    (I have not tested if distance between nodes affects speed at all, but I doubt it.)

    To slow down any particular line, you can add more nodes or you can lengthen the handles. the rest of the SVG will draw faster so the overall drawing time remains the same.
    If you subtract nodes or shorten handles in one part of the SVG, that part will speed up and the rest will slow down so that the overall drawing time remains unchanged (assuming that you do not also manually change the drawing time for that element).

    There is no way to adjust layer speed except by adjusting the nodes.

    Here is a video showing how you can control the drawing speed of 3 identical looking lines all in the same SVG based on the number of nodes and the handle lengths:

    (normally an SVG with only 12 points would have a shorter draw time, so the hand movements would look smoother, but I wanted to really make the speed differences obvious)

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


  • i only used bezier tool in inkscape to draw a triangle, when i played in videoscribe,

    the first line is super fast, 

    the other two lines are ok. I tried to add some nodes to the first line, but it is still the same.

    how to fix this?


  • Please be sure to attach the SVG if you want specific suggestions or feedback on it.

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