inkscape: svg: retracing issue

  • ive drawn my svg in inkscape, the issue is that:

    -it first draws the outline and then does the colouring in effect but then does a retrace of the first outline

    im not sure what ive done wrong:


    -i have the outline on one layer

    -colour fill on bottom layer 

    -transparent colouring in effect on top layer

    any idea why its redrawing the outline???

  • attach the SVG using the "attach a file" link above the SUBMIT button.

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


  • here it is

    (28.6 KB)
  • Thanks!
    Your color fills on the bottom layer have black strokes.
    and you have separate black stroked lines  that cover the same parts of the image.

    Just select all of your color fills and change the strokes to "none" and re-save the SVG. Those are the lines that are being drawn last because they are in the only nested layer. (I'm not very familiar with inkscape and I think you may not be able to see layers the same way you can see them in illustrator:


     -Mike (videoscribe user)

  • thats it

    thank you very much

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