Sparkol 'Buy Page' Outage

  • Our purchase page for VideoScribe is intermittently displaying as unavailable and showing error messages whilst user are trying to access them.

    This is an issue that we are currently aware of and actively working to fix as soon as possible.

    Apologies for any inconvenience caused!

    Sparkol Support Team

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  • Buenos das! he tenido problemas con un documento ya guardado de sparkol, ya que me pide que actualice a PRO, y no me deja abrir el documento, y es de urgencia el utilizar el documento

  • Hi Ismael,

    If you are having trouble logging in, check that you are using the correct account details. If you are using the 7 day free trial check at to see if your free trial is still active. If it's not you will need to purchase a subscription plan to continue to use the software.

  • Its Oct 12 today and I can't buy your product.

    Any ideas when you will be up??

  • Hi James,

    There are no outage issues with the buy page currently. What issues do you seem to be having with it? If you are having trouble paying, please let me know what you have done, where you have got to, what happens and if there are any messages you see.

  • I'm having same issue, Error message 504.  Just want to update my billing and reopen my old account and it's telling me I had a trial period which is not true.  I used Sparkle for over a year, paid-in-full.

  • Even is not loading

  • @Robin A support ticket has been raised, please follow up your issue in the ticket to resolve.

  • Hi guys I found the problem, I think

    I have a very old account which has PayPal as my preferred  payment option, 

    and I don't think you use this option any longer.

    So Im continuing my evaluation, and if its all good Ill buy

    thanks you

  • Hi James, if PayPal is causing you issues are you able to try with a card? You can update your payment details via

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