Mandarin Character not supported...

  • ...or is it?

    "Chinese" character do not seem to be currently supported. Does a plugin exist?



  • Chinese characters are not currently supported in VideoScribe but you can create SVG images of your text and import that into VideoScribe.

    The best way is to create the text in Inkscape. Using the text tool in Inkscape, type or paste the text into a text box.

    Then export the text as a bitmap, by selecting File -> Export Bitmap (may be .jpg in newer versions of Inkscape)

    I use the following settings when exporting 145 dpi (dots per inch) - the higher the DPI the better the image quality.

    Delete the text you have just put into Inkscape and import the Bitmap/JPG image back into Inkscape, that you just exported by selecting File -> Import... and select Embed.

    When you have the image on the canvas use the Pencil tool  to roughly trace over the letters of the text in the same way you would if you were writing it.

    Then select all the Pencil strokes  that you just created and select Path -> Simplify from the menu.

    Once you have done this, with the paths still selected, double click on the word 'Different' next to Fill: 

    And set the fill to No paint

    Double click on the word Different next to 'Stroke' and increase the stroke width value so the text image is covered.

    Then set the stroke paint to have an Alpha value of zero so it is invisible.

    Save the SVG and import into VideoScribe.

  • Thank you for your answer. However it slows down the production speed, so I will pass. Explee, another software ( which I do not have any business connexion with btw) supports mandarin character with most basic transition effects. It would be a nice feature to add to Videoscribe.



  • Matthew? I don't know the answer to this, and I think it might be part of Baptiste Natali's question.

    I understand that the process you described will allow videoscribe to DRAW Chinese characters.

    If the characters do not necessarily have to be DRAWN, Can users just import a Chinese font and then copy/paste characters into videoscribe if they only wish to use simpler transitions such as move-in or a zero second animation time?

    -Mike (videoscribe user)
  • Hi Mike,

    It will not work, the characters must be within the supported character sets available in VideoScribe. Currently, the alphabets supported in VideoScribe are Latin, Greek, Armenian, Hebrew, Cyrillic. Write with non-Western text characters

    A quicker method for creating SVG text elements:

    Import text as an image file using the steps below.

    Type the text you want to import into a writing programme
    Copy the text
    Open Inkscape (free image-editing software)
    Select the type character in the sidebar (‘A’) and paste your text into Inkscape
    Select ‘Path’ from the menu above and then ‘Object to path’– this will convert your text into an SVG image 
    Go to ‘File’, ‘Save as’ and save the text image to your computer
    Open your VideoScribe project and click ‘Add image’
    Click the folder icon in the bottom left of the window that pops upUse the file browser to select the image from your computer 

    The outline will draw before the image is filled but you will still be able to read the text as it is being drawn and it will become clearer at the end.

  • Thanks for the additional info!


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