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  • seems that for the transitions, it matters if the "pages" flow down or up the canvas
    - I prefer the later. now I would like to move one entire "page" from the top to the bottom while keeping everything.

    tried select all and copy and still the "page" doesn't appear at the new location I had chosen.

    is it possible to move entire pages and if yes, how?

  • You can select multiple items using Ctrl+click on a PC or CMD+click on a Mac. With the items selected you can use the arrow keys on your keyboard or drag them with your mouse to another part of the canvas. If you have set the camera for those elements you will need to reset it at the new position.

    I've attached a video to help illustrate this.

  • what I meant with "entire page" are a composition of more items / pictures.
    my question is how to move them and not only one.

    my experience with selecting and trying to move them is that (1) they turn, (2) increase or (3) decrease in size - completely unpredictable.

    as I said: when I select and copy them all, they do not appear at the position I choose for them.
    however, they appear at the end of the scribe and might be laying over their original position which is neither helpful nor intended.

    seems there is no way of moving a whole page / composition of items.
    this would be a very handy feature.

  • Hi,
    I believe Matthew explained how to do exactly what you wanted, but maybe a longer description will make it clearer.

    He did not say to copy, or cut, or paste, so don't do that.

    If you want to select multiple elements and move them together as a group to a different part of the canvas:
    1) select multiple items by holding down the ctrl(PC) or cmd (MAC) key while clicking the elements you want to select (you can either click on the elements on the canvas, or on the thumbnails in the timeline at the bottom of the screen)
    2) to move all of the selected elements together, the most foolproof way is to use the arrow keys on your keyboard to move all of the selected elements simultaneously around the canvas. However this can be slow for moving longer distances.
    3) if you want to drag them with your mouse instead of using the arrow keys, click-drag somewhere on one of the selected elements but do NOT click and drag on the rotate icon near the center of any element (which will rotate them) or on the corner handles of any of the bounding boxes (which will scale them)
    4) after moving your multiple selected elements, if you want to reposition the camera, you can click the arrow icons on the lower left corner of the canvas. (or you can click-drag on any empty part of the canvas where there are no elements or bounding boxes.)
    5) after you have moved the elements to the new location, and you have the camera positioned to look at them. make sure the elements are all selected and then click the "set camera" icon to save the new camera position for all the elements.

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


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