I want to know how use different tools in vidoescribe

  • Here is an example Scribe Animation that made using different tools

    how can I do same

  • Hi,
    You are asking for all of the basic information about how to use videoscribe.

    Click the INSTANT ANSWERS link at the top of this page, then watch the tutorial videos. They explain all of the basics.

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


  • No there is not information about those tools which I am asking above mention scribe have brush for writing and Pacman for writing and a pencil for drawing 

  • Hi,
    That makes your question more clear. videoscribe refers to all of those tools as "hands" even though they might be a broom or a pen with no hand attached, etc.

    Videoscribe includes a variety of male and female hands with pencils, pens, brushes and some other things like a zipper.

    You can watch the tutorials on the INSTANT ANSWERS page to learn how to select the different "hands" that are included with videoscribe.

    Some "hand" options shown in that video, such as the broom and the pac-man, are not included with videoscribe. If that is the case, you can  import images like that by following the instructions in the "add your own hand" tutorial on the INSTANT ANSWERS page.  For each drawing hand you add to videoscribe, You will need to find or make 2 images. For the broom, you would use one image of the broom tilted to teh left and one to the right. For the pac man you would choose one image with the mouth open and one closed.

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


  • Thank you, Milke, for your detailed answer I appreciate, and my issue is solved :)

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