Access denied for scribe saved online

  • Hello,

    I have the scribe file saved in my account but when I try to access it, it gives me an error saying access denied.

    What do I do? I need to send it to my prof for an assignment.

    Please help.



  • It seems as though there was an error during the save process and the file got corrupted when you saved it to your online directory. If you are able to, you will need to go back to the computer you created the scribe on originally and re-save the scribe to your online directory. It may be worth saving the scribe locally first, using the tick/checkmark icon, with a different name. Check that the save was successful by loading the scribe again from your cloud folder while still on the same computer.

  • Hi,
    Be sure to click "YOUR TICKETS" at the top of this page and raise a new ticket if you want to contact customer support.

    I'm not familiar with that error, can you attach a screenshot here to give me a better idea of what you are looking at and how you are trying to access it? Your description does not give me a clear understanding of how you are trying to access the file or where the file is located. I have a feeling you are trying to open a project file (not a video file) outside of the videoscribe program.

    You probably need to open videoscribe, then open your scribe project and publish a video to youtube or facebook ( I'm assuming you are a free trial user). Otherwise, provide more information.

    Hope that helps,
    -Mike (videoscribe user)
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