• I have the Concepts app for IPad, I do drawings in it and now want to export out. It is set to export to a dropbox file and then I open in either Illustrator or Photoshop to edit.

    If I export to Illustrator, I reserve using the recommended settings I see in a previous post. But when I import the .svg I either get a blank file OR a file that opens and looks good but when I set it to draw it does NOT draw.

    I know this is a setting in either Illustrator Photoshop or VS.

    Also while I'm here:

    If I import the same drawings 

    1. saved as a png

    2. saved as an .svg 

    which setting will give me an actual draw animation as I see a big difference when importing certain settings.

    thanks a bunch guys love VS!

  • It sounds like your SVG files are empty except for an embeded jpg or png image. Otherwise maybe thy contain vector art that is all fills and no strokes. Whne you get no art in videoscribe, it sounds like the SVG was saved without setting the "embed" option.  That's all just a guess though.

    Attach your images if you want specific feedback on them.

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


  • Ah, if i create a drawing in AI and export to .svg then import THAT to VScribe it draws it correctly so my problem seems to be that I'm using the IOS app called Concepts, I use this because the drawings are done with a stylus, so with that mentioned I export the drawing to .svg up to a Dropbox account then import that file to VScribe. It shows the image in the canvas but does not draw it. 

    rather than go nuts as I tried to change a lot of meetings in the Concept app and I know this forum is just for VScribe can you recommend another IOS app where I can sketch and draw and have no trouble importing to VScribe?

  • Some people use autodesk graphic (formerly iDraw), so you could look for threads discussing the pros and cons of that.

    I'd recommend that you
    1) attach the SVG exported from concepts and
    2) if you are resaving it in illustrator then attach that version too
    3) also, in concepts, try changing SETTINGS>EXPORTING>SVG FILTERLESS to "on" to remove any textures that videoscribe might not like. and attach that version too.

    -Mike (videoscribe user)



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