Possible to make rudimentary talking head with lips moving ?

  • I'd like to create videos that are actual skits with a plot, and that have people move their lips in sync with my voiceover.  I realize, very long shot.  

    What if I create a video of myself talking with my webcam, and then use licecap, to make an animated gif of just my lips, and then pop it on top of a face that's already in the videoscribe animation?

  • Sounds possible.
    I'd recommend trying it with a short phrase and then coming back here if you run into any specific problems.

    videoscribe uses a frame rate of 25 fps but you may want to experiment with lower frame rates for your gif in case it helps keep memory usage lower.

    -Mike (videoscribe)


  • Sounds completely logical with the lower frame rate. Thanks for your feedback.  ( I may just do a rudimentary lip movement thing, where it moves to open and close and that's it )

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