Outline appearing around some fills

  • When I import soem SVG's, there are thin grey outlines around some parts that are just fills in Illustrator. I've set my SVG up so that one layer contains all the paths you see (just fills, no outlines), and a layer above it with a path for the hand to follow (stroke opacity 0). Some of the fills are showing up with grey outlines and the others aren't, even though they've been treated the same way in Illustrator. This is how it's appearing:


    Attached is the SVG. Thanks!

    (9.24 KB)
  • Hi,
    This is a known bug.
    For some reason, videoscribe assigns strokes to perfectly horizontal and vertical edges of filled paths with 90 degree corners (I think that is the specific condition that causes the bug).

    1) I believe that if you use the rectangle tool with rounded corners the problem will be solved
    2) pull the control handles out at each corner and make the angle slightly more or less than 90 degrees at each corner.
    3) assign a stroke that matches the fill color

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


  • This worked, thanks!

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