PNG Export Incorrect

  • Hi, I think I've found some kind of glitch. 

    I want each letter to appear one by one and when running the playback inside the app everything runs perfectly, but then when it exports instead of it coming out the same as the playback it seems to be coupling the letters 2 by 2 and not running them individually. Any fixes? I need this to work for a project asap.

    I've attached the file in case this helps!

  • Hi,
    works fine for me in version 2.2.5.

    what version of videoscribe are you using?
    and what format are you exporting?
    and what are you using to play back the exported video?

    also, you could attach the video if you don't mind.


    -Mike (videoscribe user)

  • Hi,

    I'm using 2.3.6

    I'm exporting png's, playing back in premiere or quicktime player.

    I can't attach the whole lot and it won't let me link to a download of the sequence, but if you look at the attached files, you can see what I mean. Images 0-23 are intical to 0, attached; 24-48 are identical (see 24, attached) and 49-73 are identical, and so on. Each time there's a progression, two more characters appear.

    Any help much appreciated!


  • (those aren't from the same scribe you attached)

    Nevermind. I thought the text was PNG images when you imported them into videoscribe, but it's individual letters made with the text tool.

    KNOWN BUG in version 2.3.3-2.3.6:. See Matthew's reply in the following thread:

    Hope that helps,
    -Mike (videoscribe user)


  • Thanks Mike!

    I read the link and added an animation time of 0.1 seconds to each letter and it's fixed it! Unfortunately they don't just appear as I'd like them to, but it's ok for what I need it for. Thanks again!

  • Thanks for reporting your results. Hopefully they will solve that bug in the next version.

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


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