MUisc+Voice over problem

  • Created this video..but when uploading yesterday there is no music and voice over

    Again tried to increase music volume, but am not able to save the project. Tried creating new copy, but again cat save it..If I preview, I can hear the voice but no music. Tried changing music track, same problem- cant save.

    Please help. This is urgent

  • Hi Support, I'm waiting for your help. I have saved it online (file name- Rollout-video2)


  • Hi,
    (customer support works during regular UK business hours Monday through Friday. The best way to contact them is by clicking "YOUR TICKETS" at the top of this page and opening a new support ticket.)

    can you hear the music when you preview your project in videoscribe?
    Is it music from the library or are you importing an mp3 file?

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  • Hello Mike,
    Thanks for the reply.

    No..cant hear the music in preview. Yes the music is from videoscribe library.


  • Some usual reasons are:
    1) computer volume is muted or too low
    2) videoscribe volume setting is too low
    3) speakers are turned off, unplugged from power source, or disconnected from computer
    4) if your computer is bluetooth equipped, the audio is being redirected to a nearby bluetooth device in your home

    You could try playing an mp3 on your computer, or a youtube video to determine if any sound is working.

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


  •  I checked everything before posting here. I was able to save a copy online. I removed the music track from the file that was saved in my base folder and I was then able to save the video. I changed the music track and its fine now. Seems there is some problem with that music track

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