Not responding while changing Mp3

  • I have Deleted the old mp3 and want to add another one in the same project but 

    i get no responce after selecting the track and clicking to open.

    But when i select the library listed mp3 it is selected.

    how to figure out with this issue??

    hope for your fast responce.

    (102 KB)
    (109 KB)
  • Hi,

    It is likely that there is a problem with your mp3 or with your scribe.

    1) attach the mp3 here so someone else can test it.
    2) try adding a different mp3 from your hard drive to see if that works (I suggest Afternoon_ Crickets_long.mp3)
    3) try renaming your mp3 with only letters, all lowercase, and numbers , including the mp3 suffix
    4) you could also try saving and closing that scribe, making a new scribe with just one image and then adding the problem mp3 to that new scribe as a test.

    If you don't want to attach your mp3 here, just try the other 3 things and report your results

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


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