Audio not rendering

  • I've used an audio file in the library for my intro to my webinar series I'm creating.  I need the end part of the audio as the exit/fade out.  I've chosen the audio file and set the pause time to 260 sec. which should cover the whole song.  At times I've managed to render successfully and gotten the whole song, but the audio was absolutely terrible.  At other times, videoscribe crashes before rendering is complete.  I only seem to have this issue with the audio.  The intro worked for me on the WMV file format as the others just sounded horrible.  I'm importing all the bits and pieces into sony vegas to make it a complete project but need the end audio.  How do I do this without it crashing or sounding terrible?

  • Not sure what might be causing distortion in your audio track, but here are some suggestions:
    1) save and close whatever scribe you have open
    2) if your default quality setting (click the gear in the lower right corner) is higher than 1000 lower it to 1000 or less
    3) create a new blank scribe
    4) add one library image
    5) set the animation length to 260 seconds (or whatever length you need)
    6) render the video in the lowest resolution. Use MOV (smaller file size) instead of WMV if that will work in sony vegas.
    7) you could also try setting the "loop" option for the music track . In the past that has alleviated some bugs.

    hopefully that will give you a quick render time and a video file with a good audio track that you can use in sony vegas.

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


  • Thanks Mike.  MOV doesn't work in Sony Vegas (at least not my version) which is why I have had to use WMV files.  However, I think you were correct in that the file size may have been too large.  I took the WMV file and converted it to a smaller MP3 format, and it worked perfect.  Thank you for the other suggestions.  I will keep these in mind for feature trouble shooting.

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