I cant import voice-off

  •  Hello I try to import an mp3 file with the voice off and it does not work. it does not sound and I cant seem to find the problem. Anyone else struggling with this? Thanks

  • 1) attach the mp3 here please.

    2) save your project as a .scribe file and attach it here too please.

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


  • hi

    i have purchased videoscribe yesterday 

    i cant export my mp3 voiceover file for my video into videoscribe 

    what i have to do?

  • Can you be more specific?

    Did you click the microphone icon to import your mp3 file?

    Are you able to locate the mp3 file after you click the microphone icon?

    Are you seeing any error messages indicating that the file was not loaded? If so, what is the message?

    You may want to open a support ticket to discuss the problem with customer support. Or you could attach the mp3 file here if you want other users to try to help.

    -Mike (Videoscribe user)

  • Hi

    Got your mail  my problem has solved.

    i made my 1st video succesfullly and i liked it

    hope everything ll awesome

    Thank you for the response

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