VideoScribe keeps on crashing

  • Hello everyone,

    I have a serious problem with VideoScribe at the moment, making it impossible to work with. Heres what I do:

    I want fade-in effects in VideoScribe. Since this is not a default feature the program offers I do the following.

    I have a base image and I want the color to fade in. This means for every frame I have an image file A (line art) and image file B (color)
    Image A has no draw time, its a still image, then image B consists of 10 copies on top of image A, which are morphed from eachother. Each copy has an opacity increase of 10%. So theres 11 images in total for 1 frame. 

    The goal is to finally have 10 frames consisting of 11 images each so 110 images in total.

    My SVG-files are saved for optimalization ( see this post ) and range from 400 - 900kb each.

    I dont know how to make images smaller or how to make a fade effect in another efficient way. 

    I have tried:

    - saving the file to a new file

    - my camera zoom is directly on the frame (166%)
    - Exporting SVG through Illustrator and Inkscape to try to make them smaller.

    Its frustrating the program crashes on nearly everything I do, saving, autosaving etc.

    My PC has 16gb RAM memory, x64 processor and plenty of free space to work in.

    My product runs out in a few days and needs to be finished tomorrow. But working in the program has been impossible for the past few days. 

    What can I do to optimalize my SVGs or even find a better/ more efficient way to animate a fade effect? 

  • My files are PNG files drawn in Photoshop on a single layer, then exported as SVG in Illustrator using the recommended settings from videoscribe. 

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