Text issues

  • Hey!

    Every time i write something in a text box and then try to change it, it starts to delete some of the letters. 

  • Hi,
    The description does not give me a clear understanding of what you are doing or what is showing on your screen when the problem occurs.

     a screenshot showing the problem occurring might help.

    or a longer clearer step by step description of what you are doing and what you see  and what you think you should see during each step of the process.

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


  • I am creating a video..

    i then added a text box and started typing

    i then inputed an image 

    i went back to the text box and adapted it, when i was changing the text, everytime i typed something the next letter in the sentence would delete.

    then when i tried to step down in the text box, it wouldn't let me.

  • pressing the "INSERT" key on your keyboard will cause it to behave like that
    pressing it again should change it back to normal

    (I tested it in videoscribe to confirm)

    The INSERT key does not seem to affect the text I'm typing here in the help forums though.

    if that doesn't solve your problem, save and close your project and close and restart videoscribe.

    Hope that helps,
    Mike (videoscribe user)
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