put multiple svg without changing current screen

  • please i need one help

     i want to put multiples svg / images in one page 

    like now when i put second  svg close the first one and then view it 

    then it  changes the screen from 1st svg to the second svg 

    but i want to view my 1st 2nd 3rd and so on svg in one screen 

    i hope i have clearly mentioned my question 

    need help urgently

    thanks in advance

  • You need to set the same camera position for each element. When you have a blank canvas the zoom level is set to 100%. With the camera at the default 100% position, add an element (image or text) then, without moving the camera and with the element selected, click the set camera icon R-Pl5K2JNhge2rCJQLhtt5A_RJ1WyjL1Qg.PNG. You will now be able to resize and reposition this element on the canvas and when you press the play button the element will be drawn in that position.

    Now you can add the next element. To make sure that the camera is in the correct position click the first element in the timeline twice to take the camera to the position set for that element. If you did not move the camera from the 100% zoom level then nothing will happen. If the camera was moved it will be taken to the position set for that element.

    Now, with the camera at 100%, add the next element and again, with the new element selected and without moving the camera, click the set camera icon. Then resize and reposition the element as before.

    Keep repeating this when you add new elements and when you play the scribe back the camera will remain in the same position.

    You may find the tutorial VideoScribe tutorial 2 – Tuning your scribe helpful.

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