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  •  I looked in Instant Answers but didn't find what I wanted. It has instructions for uninstalling VS using the control panel (windows) but as we know, uninstalling from the control panel does not remove everything.

    I want to do a clean install of VS. To do that I first need to uninstall every folder (including hidden folders) and everything associated with VS in Windows Registery.

    At one time I thought those instructions existed but I can't find them.

    If they exist please point the way. If not, does anyone have those instructions.


    p.s. the reason I want to do a clean install,  over time VS just seems to get slower and slower. I have a high end computer with plenty of Ram (32GB) and Storage (10TB) so I know my computer is not the issue -- also other programs I use run great on my computer except for VS. VS use to run pretty good, but lately (about a month now) it has slowed down to a crawl about 2 minutes into creating the scribe  -- very frustrating.

  • Probably best to open a ticket with the VS support team and get help via that.

  • Just a couple of quick notes:

    1) I believe that videoscribe is currently limited to use about 1.5 to 1.7 GB of RAM because of one particular software component.
    2) If you have 10TB of TOTAL hard drive space that's great. If it is not on your C drive, or if it is filled with data, then it may not be helping videoscribe. I think the key factor for videoscribe UNUSED space on your C drive.
    3) I think imported fonts eat up a chunk of videoscribe's memory usage. if you have a lot of fonts imported in videoscribe, delete them within videoscribe and see if that helps.
    4)Try making a scribe with nothing but library images. If videoscribe does not slow down when you use only library images, then maybe you have been importing problematic images . That is something that might require additional investigation and troubleshooting.

    As Mike Ingram noted, raising a support ticket would be a good way to reach out to VS customer support for their insights.

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


  • Hey Dan,

    We refrain from posting the completely wipe VideoScribe from existence on a forum just in case a customer confuses it with something else and obliterates their saved work so anything like this we are happy to walk customers through but would do so over a ticket. 

    Also Mike as usual makes some good points. The font one is particularly applicable from our side too. As we import countless customer scribes into our applications all the fonts used by customers import with them. I have been using the same VideoScribe profile every day for the 16 months I've worked here and as long as I keep on top of clearing fonts mine works like a charm. Nought too special about my PC, higher end of average but not a monster and just making clean scribes with optimised images and sensible camera movements means everything works OK for me!

    Believe Matt has already sent you instructions for the complete removal of VideoScribe on a ticket but if there is anything else then let us know.

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