• Hello,

    Can you please please add chalk to the "pens" library (or start a different library)?

    I've tried loading a picture but it looks terrible and even when I messed with it more it still just looks too big - takes up a quarter of the screen whenever it writes.

    Even just one white piece of chalk (and a chalk board eraser!) would be great! But colored ones would be fantastic.

    Trying to make a scribe with the blackboard background but it looks silly using a pen/sharpie/highlighter/etc.

    Just a thought, thank you!



  • When you go into the hand menu you will see a number of named folders. Each folder contains a hand holding a piece of chalk, usually on the second page in each folder.


    If you have imported an image of some chalk to use as your own pen and it is too large, reducing the size of the image before you import it will make it appear smaller when it's writing on the canvas.

    I will send a request for more chalk options with colours and more blackboard and whiteboard erasers.

  • Thanks Matthew, I did see hands holding a piece of chalk but I'm looking for one without a hand holding it. Colors and a blackboard eraser would be fantastic as well! In the mean time I'll definitely try reducing the size of the image, thanks for the tip! Please let me know if there are updates, thanks again! Theresa
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