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  • I know you can copy and paste text or image in the same place, but can you copy text or image and paste it some place different on the canvas?

    How I do it now is copy and paste the element and then move/drag the copy to where I want to place it on the canvas but that can be difficult if you are working on a detailed scribe that is quite long. Instead I would like to copy it and go to where I want on the canvas and paste it. Iif it can be done, I can't find the instructions on the forum on how.




  • It can't be done unfortunately, but you could just add the image in again as standard as the image you want is likely to be on one of the 5 pages of your recent images.

  • Thank Mike...I didn't think it could be done. The problem is when I finally get the image the size i want on screen, I like to be consistent and keep it the same size throughout the video. Oh well....maybe someday.



  • You can still do that, it just isn't a conventional method. Copy and Paste your image (or better yet, copy, paste, cut, then paste again, putting the image at the end of the sequence). This will retain the image size you want. You can then move this around using arrow keys (+ shift for extra distance per press) or click and drag it around as usual.

  • When I Copy and Paste nothing happens. Is this a memory issue or just a bug?

  • Copy and paste should work. Its Ctrl+C on Windows to copy and CMD+C to copy on Mac. It's Ctrl+V to paste in Windows and CMD+V to paste on Mac.

    Does copy and paste work after restarting VideoScribe?

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