creating hand drawn SVG files in Photoshop CC

  • I started my free trial and I need to create my own images for a project.

    In Photoshop CC on my iMac I made some simple drawings in layers and exported them as SVG files. When I imported them to Videoscribe, they were completely drawn and would not play in sequence. I tried saving one as a PNG and it imported and worked. But the sequence is not consecutive. The hand jumps around when creating the drawing. It is usable and looks great, but I don't understand what I might be doing wrong.

  • I want to create and submit hand drawn corporate leadership graphics for sale on Videoscribe. I was told they need to be SVG files. But PNG files seem to work. Please advise.

  • There's a whole thread dedicated to describing the way videoscribe draws SVG images, things that can make them draw badly, and how to make them draw well:
    Making SVG Images Draw Well (2015 update)

    If you import a PNG, videoscribe gives you a few options for how videoscribe will draw the png image but you don't have much actual control over the results.  With SVGs, you can learn to control the drawing of the image. Some of the tips may not make sense until you have experimented with actual SVG files for a while.

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


  • I only know how to draw the image in Photoshop. I saved the drawing in small increments in about 30 layers. When I exported as a SVG, Videoscribe imported as one finished drawing. When I exported the same Photoshop drawing as a PNG, Videoscribe imported it beautifully and played it in increments but not in perfect order. Am I exporting it wrong?

  • I am using the trial version. Could that be why Videoscribe won't import the SVG file correctly?

  • Hi,
    The trial version draws images the same way as the paid version.

    Your SVG probably doesn't work because you didn't follow the instructions and you used photoshop which does not work the same way as Illustrator or inkscape.

    Please attach the SVG if you want more specific feedback.

    Your PNG draws not in perfect order because PNG files do not contain any data telling videoscribe in what order to draw, so videoscribe uses its best guess.

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


  • Mike, I am only trying to do what I am able to do. I use Photoshop. I don't want to learn a new program just to make drawings as SVGs. Photoshop CC has the option to save a series of layers as an SVG file. I tried importing them a number of times into video scribe and they don't play as a sequence. I tried saving a series of layers as a PNG file and it imported perfectly. The only thing I noticed is that the playback is not in sequence, but it still looks good. I am used to drawing in Photoshop, and I plan to do this a lot. I only had the trial of video scribe a couple of days, so this is all new to me. How would I attach the SVG file for you to see?

  • Mike, attached is the first SVG file I made.

  • Mike, I also want to use narration that someone will dictate into their iPhone. Any suggestions on the best or easiest way to get their voice from their iPhone videos to the video scribe scribes?

  • Hi,

    When I open your SVG it appears to have a lot of image layers and compound path layers but no visible art. There is not enough usable information there for me to fix or diagnose.

    The recommended, tested and documented methods for making SVGs that will work well in Videoscribe have already been provided. While I understand that you want to use a different program, I don't have photoshop CC and I don't know of a way to use Photoshop to make an SVG that will work well in videoscribe. Maybe someone else has done it and can provide the specific documentation explaining how to make it work. I suspect it would involve using only the Pen tool which would probably be very similar to using the pen tool in inkscape or illustrator.

    While I don't have an iphone, a google search brought up this result which looks promising:

    Good luck!
    -Mike (videoscribe user)

  • Mike, I just purchased IllustratorCC ( might as well do it right ). I just tried a simple drawing and it almost worked correctly.

    The only glitch was that the drawing appeared as empty shapes that only filled in at the end. There must be some setting to tell Illustrator to fill in the lines as they are drawn. There were a lot of choices when I told it to save as an SVG. I didn't change any of them. I attached a photo of the setting choices.

  • Please read the thread I linked earlier in my earlier reply. These problems and solutions (and various other ones) are described in that thread.

    1) you probably used a paintbrush tool or a calligraphy style instead of the pen or pencil tool for your lines. If you do that, then you have to take extra steps to make the lines draw correctly. Its easier for a beginner to just use the pen or pencil tool with no special styles applied to it.

    2) don't use EXPORT to save your SVG. Use SAVE AS... with the settings indicated in my previous link

    Good luck!
    -Mike (videoscribe user)


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