What are the best practices for adding an element to a "scene"

  • I am a newbie and have been making a few trial videos.  The way I have been doing it is as a series of "scenes".  That is, I take a clean part of the whiteboard and add elements to it, then move to another part of the whiteboard to create my next scene.

    The problem is in setting the camera position and adding new elements.  If I add a new element to my scene the element goes directly to the end of the line.  Even if I drag it so it is next to one of the elements that is in the scene (i.e. with the same camera position) the new element doesn't inherit the camera position.  I have to go back and select all the elements in that scene and then reset the camera position.  

    This is really clumsy and awful.  Even if I duplicate an element in the scene (for example some text) that text doesn't inherit the properties related to the camera position.  To ensure a text block is exactly the same size as the other, for consistency, duplicating a text block is the only way to go.

  • Hi,
    When the element is where you want it, and the camera is where you want it, and the element is selected... click the "set camera" icon to save the current camera position for that element.

    Elements will always be drawn in the order they appear in the timeline at the bottom of the screen. If you want to change the order then you should rearrange the elements in the timeline.

    You should probably watch the tutorial videos on the INSTANT ANSWERS page.

    Good luck!

    -Mike (vidoescribe user)
  • Thanks, Mike.  I now realize that each element is independent, and not associated with the others.  However, when you have eight elements all with the same camera position, wouldn't it make sense that, if you put another element in the middle of that, that it would inherit the camera position?

    I've watched all six videos and the concept of camera position is glossed over pretty quickly and I find it the most awkward of all the concepts (other than I can't find or access my files; who thought of that?)

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