Make GIF's disappear?

  • Hi, I'm having loads of fun with the Videoscribe trial (if not much sleep!!) and strongly suspect I will have to invest in it. I am playing with making my first Scribe and am working it out pretty well I think. However, I wonder if I'm trying to do something that doesn't exist. I've made a lot of use of the Morph feature and I realise that GIF's can't be morphed, but is there a way of making them seem to disappear? I have a little bird picking things out of a box and throwing them to a list further over on the page. I really need to use a simple animation as one of these, but can't figure out how to make it disappear from the bird's beak before it appears in the list. The rest of the images are no problem of course. Can anyone either tell me definitely that it can't be done, or tell me how to do it please? Many thanks Ann
  • I don't exactly understand what you are doing, but if you have a gif on a white background, just put a white shape over it to "erase" it

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


  • Hi Mike, thanks for replying so quickly.

    As I said, I'm building a list of things on one side of the screen which are picked out of a box and 'thrown' there by a bird (don't ask!!) With the ordinary images, I've used morphing to make the items leave the bird's beak and appear in the list, so the GIF image has to be capable of disappearing from the beak. 

    I would have done as you suggest, but I'm using the cream paper background. I think I may have found a workaround by just copying the stickman GIF as a static JPEG for the beak and using instant morphing to send it down to an out of sight point. It then appears in the list as its original animated GIF.

    Probably not the best way, but I can't think of anything else at the minute.



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