Transferring a file from paid to non-paid account; transferring a file after a paid account expires.

  • Dear Videoscribe team,

    This is a bit urgent as I do not want to lose the file we both worked on.

    My friend has a paid account, and I want to create a paid account and work on a film which she created. Her account will expire soon (tonight) and I want to be able to work on her film, but I might not be able to pay for my account for a little while, so I will firstly create a non-paid account.

    1) Can I work on a film created by someone else in my account (paid or non-paid), if their paid account expires?

    2) Does my account already have to be paid before hers expires in order to get the file? If I create my (non-paid) account now, will I be able to access and edit the film created by her (according to the feature available to non-paid accounts), even though her account has expired? Does this mean the film will have the videoscribe logo?

    3) How does exporting the file work? I faced some difficulty when trying to transfer/export the film from the paid account to a non-paid account earlier.

    Thank you so much for your timely support. 

  • 1) Yes, but BEFORE the paid account expires, EXPORT THE PROJECT as a .scribe file.  The .scribe file can be imported back into any active videoscribe account

    2) No, I think your account just has to be active (as a free trial or active paid account) at the time you import the .scribe file


    -Mike (videoscribe user)


  • If you are using a free trial or educational subscription when you publish a video it will have a videoscribe logo. If you are a Pro user, there will not be a logo when you publish the video.

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


  • Thank you, Mike!

    In case I have a paid account, can I access/work on a file on more than one computer? I.e. will my paid account be accessible from more than one computer or can it be only operated from one single PC?

    I tried to transfer .scribe files between computers before (from a paid account to an unpaid account), yet I was not possible to export and then re-open the file. Even though I exported it as a .scribe file, I could not re-open it on the other computer in my unpaid account, as it either could not be opened or had become a .mp4 file.

    Do you know any solution to this?

    Thank you for your timely answer!

  • 1) Yes if you save your work to the cloud folder (online), you can open it from any computer using your same login information aand the same version of videoscribe

    2) If you ended up with an mp4 file then you did it wrong. If you tried to open it instead of importing it, you did it wrong. For example you can't open a .scribe file by double clicking it. You have to follow the steps described in the previous link to export and import the project as a .scribe file. The .scribe file should have a name that looks similar to this: "yourFilename.scribe". Also its probably a good idea for both computers to be using the same version of videoscribe. Remember where you save the .scribe file, each time you save it, so you can easily find it to transfer it or import it (and don't accidentally try to import a different/wrong file).

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


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