How to Prevent Hnad-Flipping on Custome Hands?

  •  I've imported my own hands, following the size requirements. However, they flip around while drawing, instead of remaining upright. Does this in the preview and with my actual art alike:


    How to fix? Thanks!

  • I can't  remember if I have seen that before.

    Did you import 2 images?
    what are the dimensions of the images
    can you attach one of the hand images here?

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    -Mike (videoscribe user)


  • You can import one or two images to make your custom hand. If you only import one hand image you can use it for moving an image in (Move-in). If you set a single image hand to 'Draw' an image (as opposed to 'Morph' or 'Move-in') it will rotate as in your GIF.

    When you import two (slightly different) hand images these are used for when 'Draw' is selected on the image as opposed to 'Move-in' or 'Morph'

  • I've got it fixed now, thanks everyone!
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