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  • hello

    in 3 days ago I have bay the twice the credit to put my viedos on line


    but stil now it is not working ????

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  • problem1:
    it looks like you bought credits on the ipad and then bought more credits on the iphone.
    When you have unused credits on your itunes account, you should be able to use the RESTORE PURCHASES button to sync either device to itunes so you have access to all of the available credits.

    if you have credits but you are unable to publish a video for some reason, save your project to the cloud folder using the same login information you use on this website, then Raise a Ticket to ask customer support for help. Be sure to describe the problem as clearly as possible.

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


  • Hi Mike

    As I told you, I was buy crédits to published my video in the web , but when I choose these option (to publish video) the videosribe plant


    and when I save it in the cloud, and I try to open it in the website of videoscribe I got these error


  • Hello
    I did not understand what you wrote the first time

    It is not possible to open a project on the website. That is probably why you get an error.

    If you cannot buy credits, or if you cannot publish your project, or if videoscribe freezes, you should probably Raise a Ticket to contact customer support.

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


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