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  •  Hi, I've been using Videoscribe successfully for a number of years now, creating explainer videos for clients all around the World. I'm now receiving an increasing number of requests to add something extra, like fades, special effects etc. which the software currently doesn't offer. I'd rather be able to do as much as I can within Videoscribe than have to use several other pieces of software. Can Sparkol provide a schedule of product development features that it is set to release with the next year or so? This would help me and I suspect others greatly in gearing up to be anble to offer something extra to an increasingly demanding client base. Many thanks, Rob :D

  • Hi Rob,

    Would you be able to detail a list of features that you think are missing from VideoScribe and I will pass it on to our developers?

    We don't have a publishable product roadmap but we do take into consideration feature requests posted on the forums when we are deciding what to include in the next version of VideoScribe.

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