• Has anyone been able to use VECTR (mac app) to create SVG's that work in videoscribe? Everytime i import an svg it just gives me an empty object box...


  • Use the pen or pencil tool to make it.
    Attach the SVG here for feedback.


  • So you cant just type the text?

  • Hi,
    If you want to just type text, you can type text into videoscribe using the text tool and most western fonts that are on your computer.

    If you just type text in an SVG , videoscribe may not be able to recognize the font.

    if you want to put text in an SVG file, you will probably need to type in the text and then convert the text to paths so it becomes vector art instead of a font (if vectr can do that). That should be good enough for text SVGs that you want to "move-in" or if you plan to "draw" them very quickly. However videoscribe will probably draw the letters as outlines unless you follow the extra steps in this thread: Make Any Font, Text or Equation Draw Well (2017)
    (I'm assuming that vectr is similar enough to illustrator that it will let you do what that thread describes.)

    inkscape version 0.48.5 is a good free vector program at if you want to use a program that is known to work. (it is an older version available on their download page. newer versions come with additional complications that you would need to work around.)

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


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