Making the drawing perfect, but hand jumps around afterwards?

  •  Hi,

    Im making my own SVGs and have never seen anything like this - everything seems to work fine, but when the hand is finished drawing, its like it jumps from point to point very fast...??

  • Please attach the SVG if you want help determining what is wrong with it.

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


  •  Maybe its because I made the trace path on top of the image to complicated - maybe its jumping back and forth to the points where lines cross?

    (349 KB)
  • Hmm wasnt that either...its like its tracing something else also - have tried it with several ://

  • The problem is being caused my the many tiny little stroked paths scattered all over your drawing.
    1) first videoscribe is drawing the invisible trace path.which is revealing all of the fills and strokes in your art
    2) then it's going back drawing drawing all the tiny little stroked paths.
    3) (the color filled paths are not being drawn twice)

    The solution is to keep your tracing layer as be a stroked path and all of the rest of your paths to be filled instead of stroked. Select everything except your tracing path and use "object>path>outline strokes" or whatever the equivalent option is in your program.

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


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