How to start Scribe with an image on screen or cover image

  • Hello I have rendered my scribe and the opening image (before the video starts to play) is an awkward area on the scribe. I am looking for a way to choose an element to start on the screen or add a cover image that vanishes when the scribe starts. Any suggestions?

  • I'm pretty sure:
    if you mean on youtube, you can handle that on youtube in your creator studio. videoscribe cannot control that.
    if you mean in powerpoint you can handle that in powerpoint.  videoscribe cannot control that.
    if you mean on a website, you can handle it programmatically using an image of your choice on the website.

    Some video players just show the first video frame by default. In Videoscribe you can put an SVG made of stroked paths with a draw time of zero seconds as your first element and it will appear in the default start image in a variety of players. All

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


  • Thanks Mike,

    That does help. I will go with your suggestion of a using an image on the website as a thumbnail cover. 

    thanks again!

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