Gif quality downgraded

  • Hello,

    I have been testing many different exports out of photoshop for .gif files to import in videoscribe and haven't found any solutions for crisp gifs. I am saving for web out of photoshop and have tried 400 kb size files that look perfect on a browser but once i drop them into videoscribe, they are pixelated and a bit blurry. (screenshot attached- browser on right, video on left)

    Does anyone have any recommendations on achieving crisp gifs? Doesn't have to be from photoshop either.

    Thank you!


  • There isn't any way to make the GIF sharper when you import it into VideoScribe. The resolution is degraded to avoid the GIF using too much memory and potentially causing crashing issues. We are currently investigating ways of optimising GIFs without losing as much quality.

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