• Hello guys!

    I am really enjoying working on videoscribe , salut to your team for such a great work :) 

    i am jusst having this trouble with hindi fonts so i would appriciate if anyone can help me, how to type in hindi on videoscribe.


    Alok Awasthi

  • I believe that videoscribe does not support Indian fonts yet.

    However there are tricks you can use to make SVG images from your Indian text so it will display properly in Videoscribe.

    1) The trick with a few easy steps will make your text look good, but Videoscribe may not "draw" it as nicely as you would like.
    2) The same trick with a few more steps will make your text look good AND it will "draw" nicely in Videoscribe.

    Thread from 2014 mentioning the easy trick: Indian language fonts

    Thread from 2017 describing the easy trick and the longer trick: Make Any Font, Text or Equation Draw Well (2017)

    Be sure to "LIKE" the suggestion thread to add support for Indian fonts: Add support for Hindi text in VideoScribe

    I hope that helps,
    Mike (videoscribe user)


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