Are scribes that are visible in the cloud, 100% saved?

  • Are the scribes that i saved in the cloud and that are visible in my cloud folder, saved completly and fully?

    I ask that because recently i got an error message saying that the upload didnt work and i should check my internet connection, but the scribe was still visible in my cloud folder.

    And i want to avoid checking all the scribes one by one if theyre uploaded correctly.

    So can i assume that, when i can see them in the cloud folder, they are actually there and nothing is missing?

  • An error message usually indicates a problem.
    If you get an error message when you save a project to the cloud should probably check that file, but you probably don't need to check any of the other files.

    As a rule, I would suggest saving locally first , then saving to the cloud so you have two copies.

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


  • Saving the .scrible file is a good idea. Thank you


  • I did not mention saving a .scribe file, but if you save a .scribe file, you should save locally FIRST before saving a .scribe file, because the .scribe file will be a copy of your most recently saved local file and NOT the version of the project that is currently open in videoscribe.

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


  • Also, when you save a scribe to your online directory a copy is automatically saved locally (on the projects screen in VideoScribe). If you change the name of a scribe and save to your online directory you will have 3 copies of the scribe - the original locally saved version (with the old name), another locally saved version with the new name and another copy saved to your online directory with the new name.

    If you don't change the name and save to your online directory, you will have 2 versions, 1 saved locally and one save to your online directory.

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