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  • how to open 2tabs of videoscrib?

  • I don't know if you can have 2 instances of videoscribe open.

    I do know that you can't login to more than one instance of videoscribe at a time with the same account.


  • The only way you would be able to have 2 instances of VideoScribe open at the same time would be if you were logged into the software on 2 different computers with 2 different accounts.

  • Additional tip!

    If your goal is to edit one project while rendering a different project, a good way to do that is to publish your project to That will copy your project file to one of sparkols servers. You can continue working on a second project while renders your first project.

    I believe you can choose to make the finished video public or private on Also you can download the video as an mp4 from Or you can just link to it the same way you would link to youtube.

    I believe you can actually publish multiple projects to and they will queue and be published in order.

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


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