Problem getting dashed lines in Inkscape

  • I've drew rectangle with rounded corners in Inkscape and set the line to dashed. Tried a few different styles. It looks good in Inkscape, Internet Explorer and Google Crome but when using it in VideoScribe the line is solid - for some reason.

    Has anyone else encountered the same problem. What's wrong?

    Attaching the picture I made here below...

  • Videoscribe does not support procedural effects like the dashed line effect applied to a regular path

    1) Possiby the best solution might be to duplicate your dashed path so you have 2 identical copies. Then remove the dashed effect from one copy (it won't matter if it is the top one or the bottom one), and change it's opacity to 0%. Use "Object menu > Pattern > Pattern to Object" on the other copy to convert it to a series of filled paths (dashes).  If done correctly, I believe Vidoscribe will "draw" the transparent path revealing the little filled dash shapes as it goes along.

    2) another option is to manually draw each individual dash as a stroked path, and delete the layer that has the procedural effect path on it.

    3) another option is to export your dashed line as a png image them import it back into inkscape and draw a stroked path over it (use a stroke wide enough to cover the dashed path completely) then change the opacity of the stroked path to 0% and save your SVG with the png embedded. (Videoscribe will "draw the invisible stroked path revealing the png image

    4) you can google search other options for converting a dashed path into individual stroked paths. I saw some possible answers but I didn't understand them well enough to explain them here. Example:

    -Mike (videoscribe user)

  • Ok. Thanks, Mike.

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