Adding voiceover to scenes

  • I have several audio files that need to be attached to each scene in my videoscribe, but each time I add the audio it puts it at the beginning of the timeline, instead of where the scene/new image starts.

    Sure this is a normal thing for any self-respecting program.  I want to be able to manipulate the timeline according to the voiceover.

    If this cannot be done I would like to unsubscribe and have my money returned.

  • If you want help using videoscribe as it is intended to be used:

    1) Prepare all of your narration and sound effects in any self respecting audio editing program. Save it as a single mp3.

    2) Import your mp3 into videoscribe.

    3) Add images and manipulate the timeline according to the audio.

    If you want to discuss billing issues, contact customer support:

    -Mike (videoscribe user)

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