Videos Vanished

  • Hi,

    Just logged into my usual Videoscribe software on Laptop and all my existing video's has vanished, any ideas?

  • I'm going to assume you mean videoscribe projects and not actual video files like AVI, MOV or WMV videos.

    1) i think that if you made multiple accounts at any time in the past and you accidentally logged in with the wrong one you would not see the locally saved projects from your other account
    2) if you saved projects to the cloud folder, you need to log into the correct account and then click on the cloud folder to view them.
    3) if you saved projects locally and then you log into videoscribe on a different computer you won't see the projects that are saved on your other computer
    4) if you used some kind of memory cleaner or disk cleanup software, it might delete videoscribe data
    5) sparkol does not delete your projects locally or online
    6)  if the files have really been deleted, but you use any kind of backup software such as "time machine" on mac or "restore points" on windows, you can probably restore your computer to a previous state to recover the files. Make sure you understand the restore process and any possible consequences before proceeding.

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


  • Hi Tracy,

    I have responded to the support ticket that you raised regarding this.

    Hi Mike,

    With point number 1) - projects will show up in the 'base folder' (projects screen) no matter which account details you use to log into the software. For example if you used the free trial and created and saved scribes locally and then created a new Sparkol account and bought a subscription. When you log into VideoScribe on the same computer and computer user profile the scribes you saved during the free trial on the other account will be available when logging in with the new account details.

  • Ohhhh ! Thanks for clarifying that, Matthew. I was wondering based on some previous posts if that was the case. I'll try to remember it.


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