Elements disappearing

  • Two issues that I am struggling with:

    1.  When importing SVGs they seem to randomly resize. I create elements in Inkscape and they are to scale.

    2. Elements disappearing on the right of the canvas. This is demonstrated in the attached video. It is obviously the arrow that is showing the issue, the arrow had to be scaled right down due to issue 1. Perhaps these issues are related!

  • Hi,
    1) Older versions of videoscribe looked at the vertical measurement of imported images and scaled them to fit a certain percentage of the vertical measuerment of the visible canvas.  It appears that the algorithm has been changed in the current version of videoscribe. The current version seems to compare the vertical and horizontal measurements of the image and then size the image so that the larger of those two measurements will fit a certain percentage of the vertical measurement of the visible canvas.

    If you have three images that are different sizes, you can trick videoscribe into importing them at the correct relative sizes. just draw the same size circle around each one with a transparent fill and no stroke. If the largest measurement of any of your images is 10 units, for example, then make your circles 10 units or a tiny bit larger.

    Note: Your images seem to import smaller than mine. That might be a difference of our screen resolutions or there miiight also be a problem in your images affecting their import sizes. Please attach the three SVGs for specific feedback. 

    2) mayyyybe your default image quality is set too high resulting in a bug that makes some images disappear when scaled smaller. I haven't seen the exact symptom you showed in you video. Might be something else.
    if you want to save your project as a .scribe file and attach it here, someone might troubleshoot it.

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


  • Hi Mike

    Thanks for the explanation of the resizing, makes perfect sense. It is a shame that there is not an option to apply original image proportions or disable image resizing, I will put that in as a feature request.

    Even more thanks for your workaround, it will definitely solve my current issue, 

    Best regards

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