I lost my file!!!

  • I restarted my computer and went onto my videoscribe but then when i clicked on the file, nothing popped up!!! HELP

  • Hi,
    You may want to Raise a Ticket to contact customer support.

    I can't tell if you are logging into the videoscribe program
    or trying to access a scribe on the videoscribe website
    or something else.

    You may also want to explain what happened that required you to restart your computer, whether videoscribe was still open when you restarted and any error messages you saw at any time during the process.


  • Same with me. I've been installed video scribe trial on my laptop before and make a video. But, now when I open my videoscribe pro account on my computer, all data is lost! please help me, how to restore my videocribe data? :( 'cause the video have to send to my lecturers :'(

  • If you save a project on your laptop you will not be able to access it on a different computer. Open it on the laptop.

    If your problem is something different, you may need to describe it more completely.


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