Copy and paste is acting bizarre

  • When I copy and paste an element in the timeline the first time all is well ... then I go to a word document to copy some text into a new text element's text editor and the text pastes fine but at the same time it pastes the previous timeline elements again. So basically it's copying and pasting two things at the same time. One I want and one I definitely don't want. Please help because this is a workflow nightmare. Thanks!
  • Are you on a mac? I read about a bug in the Mac version of videoscribe that I assume only occurs when you use the keyboard shortcuts for copy and paste.

    Instead, use the icons on the videoscribe screen to copy and paste elements, and you may or may not also need to enable right-click functionality to use a dropdown menu to paste your text.

    See attached link: Copying and pasting, causing duplications.

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


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